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Al-Hariri Foundation of Lebanon

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Nationality: Lebanon
2005 - Al-Hariri Foundation - New (English)

The Logo of the “Hariri Foundation”


Engineer Bahaa Al-Din Rafik Al-Hariri representing the “Hariri Foundation” at the award ceremony

Al-Hariri Foundation is one of the most respected philanthropic organizations in the Arab and the Islamic worlds. Established in 1979 by the late Rafiq Al-Hariri (1944-2005) of Lebanon, the Foundation has branches in France, Britain and the U.S.A.

Al-Hariri Foundation is best known for its passionate support of education, Islamic institutions and general social welfare in Lebanon, and for contributing substantial resources to relief efforts and reconstruction in that country in the aftermath of the Lebanese civil war.

It is a non-partisan, non-sectarian and not-for-profit organization, originally formed in Sidon under the name of “The Islamic Institute for Culture and Higher Education” then re-named “Al-Hariri Foundation” and its Headquarters moved to Beirut, with branches in several Lebanese regions. In its endeavors to promote national unity and moderation among the Lebanese, it has – over the past 25 years – built and financially supported schools, technical colleges, mosques, orphanages, hospitals and facilities for the elderly and the disabled throughout Lebanon.

The Foundation’s role in the advancement of education and conservation of Islamic architecture and culture is further evidence of its commitment to the Lebanese people. The Foundation has restored and refurbished several historic buildings in Lebanon, including mosques in Baalbak, Sidon and Sur (Tyre).

To help build human resources to meet Lebanon’s current and future needs, Al-Hariri Foundation has assisted in the education or training of nearly 35,000 Lebanese students, including some 4000 engineers, 1500 physicians and more than 835 Ph.D. students, regardless of their religion or political affiliation. Hundreds of postgraduate students supported by the Foundation have completed their studies at leading universities and colleges in the West. The Foundation has also supported some educational, social, medical and scientific centers in other countries.

Al-Hariri Foundation, a leading philanthropic institution in Lebanon, is renowned for its commitment to education and culture. So far, it has supported college education for nearly 30,000 male and female students, in addition to 835 Ph.D. candidates. It has also built schools and colleges throughout Lebanon and, in its efforts to preserve Islamic architecture, refurbished ancient mosques in that country and is also actively involved in the construction of new ones. In addition, it fostered numerous social and health care centers and facilities for the elderly and the disabled, particularly in the aftermath of the Lebanese civil war, and contributed generously to educational efforts and relief operations in other Arab and Muslim Countries.

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