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Dr.Yacoub A. Al Bahussain

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Topic: Basis of Islamic Jurisprudence


Nationality: Saudi Arabia

2004-Yacoub-Al-BahusainYacoub Al-Bahussain was born in 1928 in Zubair, Southern Iraq. After completing general education in Basra, he continued his study in Egypt. He graduated at the College of Sharia in Al-Azhar University in Cairo in 1951 and returned to Iraq. He was appointed high school teacher and eventually Director of the Teachers’ Institute in Basra before going back to Al-Azhar for postgraduate studies. In 1966, he obtained a post-graduate diploma in the history of Islamic jurisprudence from Al-Azhar and became lecturer at the College of Law and Economics in Basra University. In 1972, he obtained another post-graduate diploma in Arabic Language and Literature from the Arab League’s Institute of Arabic Studies and a Ph.D. from the College of Sharia in Al-Azhar University. For the following nine years, he taught at the College of Arts in Basra University, and became Chairman of the Department of Arabic and Acting Dean of the College, then moved to Saudi Arabia where he served for more than twenty five years as professor at the College of Sharia in Imam Muhammad Bin Saud Islamic University in Riyadh. He is currently Professor Emeritus at that University and a Member of the Commission of Senior Religious Scholars in Saudi Arabia.

Professor Al-Bahussain’s diverse teaching and research experience spans more than 50 years and deals with more than one area of expertise. Some of his most significant contributions have been in the field of Islamic jurisprudence, an area in which he wrote several important books and research papers explaining, authenticating and analyzing the principles and maxims on which Islamic jurisprudence is based.

Dr. Ali Ahmad Ghulam AL-Nadvi and Dr. Yacoub bin Abd Al-Wahab Al-Bahussain

Associate Professor of Islamic jurisprudence at Imam Muhammad Bin Saud Islamic University in Riyadh.

In his widely recognized book (in Arabic) on Islamic jurisprudence in financial matters, Dr. Al-Nadvi has not only reviewed the subject throughout Islamic history but has also attempted to adapt some of the concepts of earlier Islamic scholars to modem circumstances.

Dr. Al-Bahussain has also made exhaustive and original studies into the fundamental rules of Islamic jurisprudence. The works of both laureates represent pioneering studies on a subject that has so far been given inadequate attention.

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