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Field Marshal Abd Ar-Rahman M.Siwar Adh-Dhahab

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Nationality: Sudan

2004-Abd-Ar-Rahman-Adh-DhahabField Marshal Abd Ar-Rahman Siwar Adh-Dhahab, a former president of the Sudan, was born in 1935 in Omdurman. He received military education in the Sudan, U.K., U.S.A., Egypt and Jordan and served for more than 30 years in the Sudanese armed forces, and became Chief Commander and Minister of Defense in his country. At the height of a political turmoil that threatened to break down the Sudan in 1985, he took control over the country for one year, during which he organized general elections and turned over power to a democratically elected government. From that time onward, he dedicated his time and energy to Islamic Da’wa and charity. His relentless pursuit of the welfare of Muslims soon established him as one of the most respected personalities in the Islamic and Arab worlds. As Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the Islamic Da’awa Organization in Khartoum, Siwar Adh-Dhahab is credited for the glaring achievements of that organization, including the construction of hundreds of schools, charity clinics, childcare centers, orphanages, mosques and wells in impoverished parts of the Islamic World.

Field Marshall Siwar Adh-Dhahab is also the Deputy President of the World Council for Islamic Da’awa in Cairo, the International Islamic Organization in Kuwait, and Al-Quds International Organization, and a founding or honorary member of several Islamic and international organizations that carried our relief operations in Bosnia, Chechnya, Azerbaijan, Palestine and Somalia. He was also actively involved in reconciliatory efforts in Somalia and Southern Sudan and in an international peace delegation seeking to end war between Iraq and Iran.

In the Sudan, Siwar Adh-Dhahab also serves as Chairman of both the National Fund for Peace and the Board of Trustees of Kordofan University. He founded the East Nile University College and is one of the founders of Ahliyya University in Omdurman. He received an honorary doctorate from Kordofan University.

Field Marshal Abd Al-Rahman M. SIiwar Adh-Dhahab has been awarded the prize in recognition of his outstanding services to Islam. A devout Muslim, an accomplished leader and an individual of profound integrity and self-denial, Siwar Adh-Dhahab has devoted much of his time and thought to the pursuit of the Islamic cause and the welfare of Muslims not only in his homeland, but also in Africa and some parts of eastern Europe. He initiated and personally supervised the construction of thousands of mosques and drinking wells, and numerous schools, hospitals, dispensaries, child care centers and orphanages in these areas.

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