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His Exellency Shaikh Salih bin Abd Al-Rahman Al-Husayyin

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Nationality: Saudi Arabia

2006-Saleh-A-Al-HusayyinH.E. Shaikh Salih Al-Husayyin was born in Shagra (Saudi Arabia) in 1932.
He graduated from the College of Shari’a in Riyadh and obtained a masters degree in legal studies from the Institute of Arabic Studies in Cairo in 1960. He also studied English and French languages. Shaikh Al-Husayyin started his career in teaching before becoming legal counsel to the Ministry of Finance, then Chairman of the Saudi Disciplinary Commission and subsequently State Minister and Member of the Saudi Council of Ministers. He also served as a member of the Supreme Council for “Daawa” and Guidance in Saudi Arabia. He is currently the President of “Al-Masjid Al-Haram and Al-Masjid Al-Nabawi (The Two Holy Mosques)” and Chairman of King Abd Al-Aziz Center for National Dialogue.

Shaikh Al-Husayyin plays a prominent role in the field of Islamic “Daawa” not only by preaching Islamic values of justice, equality and righteousness, but also by emphasizing the moderate face of Islam and encouraging tolerance and understanding between Muslims and non-Muslims. He is a dedicated philanthropist and founder or co-founder of several local and international humanitarian institutions. An ardent supporter of education, the Shaikh has also served on the Supreme Councils of several Saudi Universities. He is an active intellectual and prolific writer who has contributed profusely over the past 20 years to a better understanding of Islamic economics particularly on matters relating to Islamic banking in the light of contemporary economic thought. He is a strong advocate of the that nation the principal function of Islamic banking is “dealing with money” rather than “dealing in money” and that wealth should be utilized for the benefit of all rather than a certain class of people.

Shaikh Al-Husayyin is a man of benevolence, respected by Muslims and non-Muslims throughout the world. His immense contribution to the service of Islam is matched only by his modesty, kindness and self-denial. He died in 2013.

Shaikh Al-Husayyin has been awarded the Prize in recognition of his prominent role in preaching the principles of righteousness, philanthropy, and particularly moderation and tolerance. Apart from promoting those and other principles of Islamic Da’awa (Call), Shaikh Al-Husayyin is also a recognized researcher in Islamic economics, especially its ability to accommodate contemporary economic ideas. He is also an ardent supporter of education, serving on the Supreme Councils of five Saudi Universities.

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