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Mr. Ahmad M. Najeeb

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Topic: Children’s Literature


Nationality: Egypt

1991-Ahmed-M-NajeebAhmed Mahmoud Najeeb was born in giza in 1928. He obtained BA and MA degrees in Arts from Cairo University. He also obtained a degree from the Teachers’ Institute for Higher Studies in Cairo, and certificates from the Egyptian National Planning Institute, the german Academy of Educational Sciences in Berlin and the International Institute of Educational Planning in France. He held several important educational and administrative responsibilities in his country.

Mr. Najeeb was one of the most popular Arab writers of children’s fiction; he wrote more than 200 books for children, one of which sold over 9 million copies. His writings combine great talent with a profound knowledge of the psychological and emotional needs of children and of their linguistic and mental limits. He edited an international series of children stories which was published simultaneously in Cairo, Beirut, Casablanca, Madrid, geneva and Paris. He also edited Al-Mukhtar children’s magazine, published by the Arab Council for Children. At least eleven of his academic books on children’s literature are used for teaching in Arab and western universities. One of these books on the art of writing for children sold more than 3 million copies within the first week of its publication.

Najeeb was a member of the Egyptian Supreme Council for Culture, and the Egyptian Writers Union. In addition to King Faisal International Prize for Arabic Literature, he won many awards including the Egyptian State Prize for Children’s Literature; the Science and Arts Medal (First Class); the Egyptian Order of Distinction (First Class); the First Prize in Arts from the Kuwaiti Research Institute, the Children’s Day Prize and Plaques of the Egyptian Radio and Television Union and the governorate of Aswan. One of the streets of Riyadh (Saudi Arabia) was named in his honor. He died in 2003.

Mr.Ahmad Najeeb was a popular writer of children’s fiction. Throughout his work two particu­lar talents emerged: simplicity of language and clarity of content. Mr. Najeeb’s writings are distinct for their modern application of classical themes. His writings appeal to r level of childhood and address the psychological and emotional needs of children as well as their linguistic and mental capabilities. His informative stories reflect a wealth of experience and in­: topics as diverse as religion, fiction, science, adventure, travel, history and nature. Trough his writings, Mr. Najeeb developes religious and moral awareness and a quest for knowledge. A vivid imagination and a fluent style made his work attractive to children of dif­ferent age groups.

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