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Professor Ahmed Matloob Al-Nasiri

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Topic: Terminology Issues of the Arabic Language


Nationality: Iraq

2008-Ahmed-Al-NasiriAhmad Matloob Al-Nasiri was born in Tikrit (Iraq) in 1936, and obtained his BA in Arabic Language at the College of Arts and Sciences in Baghdad University, and his MA and Ph.D. degrees in Arabic Literary Criticism and Rhetoric at Cairo University. After graduation, he joined the College of Arts in Baghdad University as assistant professor in 1963 rising to the rank of full professorship nine years later. He became Dean of the College of Arts and member of the University Council. He also served as professor of Arabic at Kuwait University, the Cairo-based Arab Research Institute and Wahran University in Algiers, and as a visiting professor at Martin Luther University in Germany. Apart from these academic positions, Professor Al-Nasiri held several offices in the Iraqi government. He was Director of the Departments of Extension, Press and Culture, and subsequently Minister of Culture and Extension. He is currently Secretary General of the Iraqi Science Academy, member of the Iraqi Writers Union, and chief editor or member of editorial boards of several literary and cultural journals in his country.

Professor Al-Nasiri is a prolific writer in different fields of Arabic language, literature, religion and poetry. He authored or co-authored more than 50 books and editions, as well as hundreds of research papers and popular articles, and participated in over 100 national and international conferences and numerous local radio and television sessions. His scholarly studies of the evolution, organization and context of terminology in Arabic rhetoric and literary criticism have been of fundamental importance for research into this subject. His contributions include a 3-volume dictionary of the terminology and development of Arabic rhetoric, a 2-volume dictionary of ancient Arabic literary criticism, and a compilation of researches in Arabic linguistics.

In addition to the King Faisal International Prize for Arabic Language and Literature, Al-Nasiri’s scholarship was recognized by several other prizes, medals, memberships of Arabic Language Academies, and lectureships in many Arab, African and Western universities.

Professor Matloob (Iraq) has been awarded the Prize in recognition of his fundamental role in studying the evolution, organization and context of terminology in Arabic rhetoric and literary criticism, and his prolific publications in this field.

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