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Professor Bashar Awad

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Topic: Critical Editions of Islamic Historical and Biographical Texts


Nationality: Jordan

1Professor Bashar Awad

Professor Bashar Awad

Professor Bashar Awad

Bashar Awad Marouf was born in 1940 in Alazamiyah, northern Bagdad. He graduated from primary and secondary schools in 1960. He enrolled in the Department of History at the College of Arts at Baghdad University from which he graduated in 1964. In that same year, he enrolled in the Master’s Program of History and Archeology at Baghdad University. Professor Marouf was appointed in 1967 as teacher at the College of Shari’a Studies at Baghdad University. He later earned his PhD from the College of Arts at the same university in 1976. His doctoral thesis was titled “Ad-Dahabi’s Approach in ‘History of Islam’”.

Professor Marouf worked at Baghdad University and advanced through academic work, eventually earning professorship in 1981. He has been keenly interested in studying and minutely scrutinizing the Prophet’s Hadiths. He has been particularly devoted to studying biographies, narrators, and the ‘hidden defects’ of some Hadiths. He taught as Professor of Hadith in several universities.

Many of Marouf’s studies have been published in Baghdad, Cairo, Damascus, Beirut, Amman, Tunis, and London. Notable among his publications are “The Impact of Hadith on the Emergence of Muslim History”, “Al-Mundhiri’s and His ‘Al-Takmila’”, “Baghdad’s Biographical Histories”, “Ad-Dahabi’s Approach in ‘History of Islam’”, “A Journey through Thought and Heritage”, “The History of Islam and the Concept of the Arab Leadership of the Islamic Ummah [community]“, “Explanation of the Ruling on Chanting the Quran”, “A Selection of the Prophet’s Hadiths”, “The whole Musnad [collection of Hadith]” (22 volumes), “Classified and Verified Musnad” (41 volumes).

Among the many books Professor Marouf verified are “Al-Wafayāt” by Abu Masoud Al-Hajji, “Ahlu Al-Mi’a and Upwards” by Al-Hafiz Ad-Dahabi, “Postscript to the History of Baghdad, City of Peace”, by Ibn Al-Dabaythi (5 volumes), ” The Grand Mosque” by Imam Abu Issa Al-Tirmidhi in six volumes, “Sunan Ibn Majah” by Imam Muhammad ibn Yazid Al-Qazwini in six volumes, “The History of the City of Peace” by Hafiz Abu Bakr Al-Khatib Al-Baghdadi in seventeen volumes, “The History of Islam and the Deaths of Celebrities and the Famous” by Al-Hafiz Shams Addeen Ad-Sahabi in seventeen volumes, and many other publications.

Professor Bashar Awad, was awarded the prize, For reasons that include:

  • The broad historical and geographical view he adopted in his editing studies which covered the works of Hadith and history scholars as well as the most famous Islamic figures;
  • His works have set the foundations for rules and principles governing the practice of editing, which have brought this field closer to becoming a science based on precision, integrity and extensiveness. This was made possible thanks to his solid background in Koranic, Hadith and Arabic language studies, qualities which reflected in his teachings and supervisory contributions.

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