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Professor Chokri Mabkhout

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Topic: Studies Dealing with Autobiography in Arabic Literature


Nationality: Tunisia

180110 - Photo - Arabic Language & Literature - Shukri Al-Mabkhout - DA
Professor Chokri Mabkhout was born in 1962 in Tunisia. He obtained his PhD in Arabic language and literature from Manoubah University.
He has assumed many academic and administrative positions during his career, he is currently president of Manoubah University.
He has published extensively including books titled:
سيرة الغائب in 1992
الاستدلال البلاغي in 2006
الزعيم وظلاله in 2016
And literature studies:
الأدب والمدرسة in 1988
بهجة الكتابة: المعنى وظلاله in 2012
In addition to training many graduate students and attending conferences he has been awarded with many awards and honors the last of which was the creativity award in the book exhibit of Tunisia 2015 for his novel “ الطلياني”.

Professor Chokri Mabkhout, was awarded the prize, for reasons that include:

  • His originality in the treatment and analysis of Arab biographical themes.
  • His ability in absorbing the theoretical background and investigating the artistic and intellectual values in biographical themes.
  • The variety of critical approaches he adopted in his studies.
  • The sober and aesthetically outstanding language he adopted in his critical analyses.

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