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Professor Ibrahim Abd Al-Rahim Al Saafin

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Topic: Studies Dealing with Modern Arabic prose


Nationality: Jordan

2001-Ibrahim-SafinIbrahim Abd-Al Rahim Al-Saafin was born in Falluja, Palestine, in 1942, obtained his BA in Arabic language and arts, and MA and Ph.D. in modern Arabic literature from Cairo University, and a diploma of Education from Kuwait University. Over the past 30 years, he made significant contributions to the study of various genres of modern Arabic prose, and wrote extensively on the Arabic novel, short story and play. He also studied ancient Arabic narrative tradition, its expression across different historic periods and its impact on modern literary works.

Professor Al-Saafin currently teaches modern Arabic literature at the College of Arts in the Jordanian University in Amman, and is the Director of its Library. He also served as Vice-Dean of the College of Post Graduate Studies at that University. Prior to joining the Jordanian University, he was a professor at Al-Yarmuk University for more than 10 years. He also served as a visiting professor at the University of Tennessee in Knoxville (1984-1985) and the University of Sharja in the UAE, and the United Arab Emirates University in Al-Ain (1996-1997). He spent a sabbatical year at King Saud University in Riyadh (1985- 1986).

Al-Saafin is the President of the Jordanian Society of Literary Criticism, a founding member of the Union of Arab Folklore Researchers, and a member of the Jordanian Writers League and the Board of Trustees of Abd Al-Aziz Al-Babtain Prize for Arabic Poetry. He is also a corresponding member of Aligarh Academy (India) and contributing editor to the Encyclopedia of Islamic Civilization (Language and Literature Section) and several Jordanian literary and research journals. In addition to King Faisal International Prize for Arabic Literature, he received the Jarash Festival Award and the Jordanian State Prize for Literature in 1993.

In 2005, Professor Al-Saafin published a collection of Arabic poems.

Professor Mansour I. Al-Hazimi and Professor Ibrahim A. Al-Saafin: The laureates have been recognised for their contributions to the study of the various genres of modern Arabic prose.

Professor Al-Saafin has written numerous books and articles on the Arabic novel, short story, and play. He has studied the ancient Arabic narrative tradition and its 1expressions across the ages.

Professor Al-Hazimi is one of Saudi Arabia’s foremost literary critics. He has studied the modern Arabic historical novel and played a pioneering role in researching the Saudi novel and short story.

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