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Professor Miqdad Yalcin

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Topic: Studies Dealing with Islamic Education


Nationality: Turkey

1988-Miqdad-Muhammad-AliMiqdad Yalçin was born in a village in Antakya, Turkey, in 1937. He commenced his education in Turkey, continued it in Syria and completed it in Al-Azhar University and Dar Al-Ulum College in Cairo. After receiving his doctorate degree and general and special diplomas in education from Egypt, he returned to Turkey to teach at the College of Theology in Ankara University. In 1980, he was employed by the Department of Education in the College of Social Studies at Imam Mohammad bin Saud Islamic University in Riyadh where he became professor of Islamic studies.

Professor Yalçin published numerous research articles, conference papers and nearly 60 books in Arabic and Turkish, dealing predominantly with Islamic education and related topics. His major works in education include: Aspects of Islamic Education, Objectives and Purposes of Islamic Education, The Role of Islamic Education in Building the Individual, the Society and Civilization, Educational Psychology in Islam (jointly with Yusuf Al- Kadi) and Foundations of the Islamic Education Theory.
These texts illustrate Yalçin deep knowledge of fundamental principles of Islamic education and their impact on the Muslim’s personality and ideals, which are the foundations of an Islamic nation. His books also discuss Islamic education as it compares to modern educational concepts based on contemporary western thought.

Yalçin is currently participating in editing an Encyclopedia of Islamic Education.

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