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Professor Mohamad Mustafa Al-A’Azami

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Topic: Studies of the Prophet’s Hadith


Nationality: Saudi Arabia


Professor Mohammad Mustafa Al-A’azami is one of the world’s most accomplished scholars of Hadith. Born in Mau, India, in 1932, he was educated at Dar al-Ulum College in Deoband (India) and Al-Azhar University in Cairo; he obtained his Ph.D. from Cambridge University (UK).. A’azami started his career as a teacher of Arabic for non-Arabic speakers and Curator of the National Public Library in Qatar. After receiving his Ph.D., he moved to Saudi Arabia, teaching first at the Sharia College in Makkah, then at King Saud University (College of Education) in Riyadh. He was granted Saudi citizenship for his distinuished scholarship.

Professor Al-A’azami authored numerous keynote books, editions, book chapters and scholarly articles in Arabic and English. One of his books, Studies in Early Hadith Literature, is a classic; originally written in English and then translated into other languages and has been used as a teaching text in many universities worldwide. Al-A’azami’s list of major books includes: Kuttab An-Nabi, Manhaj an-Naqd ind al-Muhaddithĩn, Hadĩth Methodology and Literature; On Schacht’s Origins of Mohammadan Jurisprudence, Al-Muhaddithun Min al-Yamamah, Dirasat fi al-Hadith an-Nabawi wa Tarikh Tadwini, and al-ilal of Ibn al-Madini. His critical editing includes: Kitāb al-Tāmĩz of Imām Muslim, Maghazi Rasulullah of Urwah ibn Zubayr, al Ilal of Ibn al-Madini, Muwatta Ibn Malik (8 volumes), Sunan Ibn Maja (5 volumes) and Sunan Sahih Ibn Khuzaimah. His later work is The History of Qura’nic Text from Revelation to Writing and The Qur’anic Challenge: A Promise Fulfilled. Al-A’azami has also discovered and reviewed authentic ancient manuscripts of Hadith, such as Şahih Ibn Khuzaima (4 volumes) and As-Sunnan al-Kobra of an-Nasa’i.

Al-A’azami is currently Professor Emeritus at King Saud University. He was Chair of the Department of Islamic Studies in Riyadh, Visiting Scholar at the University of Michigan (Ann Arbor), and the University of Colorado (Boulder), Visiting Fellow of St. Cross College at Oxford University and King Faisal Visiting Professor of Islamic Studies at Princeton University. He is also an Honorary Professor at the University of Wales.

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