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Professor Mohammad Abu Al-Anwar Mohammad Ali

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Topic: Studies Dealing with Prominent Contemporary Arab Writers


Nationality: Egypt

1995-Muhammad-MMohammed Abu Al-Anwar Ali was born in Faqus, Egypt, in 1932. He obtained his BA in Arabic language and literature in 1960, then proceeded with graduate research, completing an MA in literary studies and a Ph.D. in the history of Arabic literature from Dar Al-Ulum in Cairo University. Following his graduation in 1971, he pursued an acadmic career and rose to the rank of professor of Arabic literature in 1980, and Chairman of the Department of Literary Studies in Dar Al Ulum in 1985. He was seconded for various periods to teach Arabic Literature in the Sudan and Saudi Arabia.

Professor Ali authored numerous research articles and literary essays and more than 10 books focusing primarily on the development of Arabic poetry through different phases of history, from the pre-Islamic era to the present. One of his most important contributions on contemporary Arab writers is his book Mustafa Lutfi Al-Manfalouti, a carefully researched 3-volume documentation of the life and works of this influential writer. Dr. Ali was an avid participant in Egypt’s cultural life and had served on prestigious committees and councils in his country, including memberships of Egypt’s Supreme Council for Culture and Supreme Council for Islamic Affairs. He was also a founding member of the Union of Egyptian Writers. He died in 2009.

Most noteworthy contribution is his 3-volume book, Mustafa Lutfi Al-Manfalouti, in which he presented an extensive, well-documented study of this influential writer whose work has had a tremendous impact on modern Arabic literature.

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