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Professor Yousef A. Khulaif

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Topic: Studies Dealing with Prominent Arab Writers and Poets to the end of the 3rd Century A.H.


Nationality: Egypt

1989-Yousef-A-KhulaifYusuf Abdul Qadir Khulaif was born in Alexandria (Egypt) in 1922 and obtained his BA, MA and Ph.D. Degrees in Arabic Language and Literature from the College of Arts in Fuad Al-Awal University in Cairo. Following his graduation in 1956, he was appointed Lecturer in the Department of Arabic Language and became full professor of Arabic Language and Literature in 1972, and Chairman of the Department from 1975 to his retirement in 1981. Thereafter, he was appointed Professor Emeritus at Cairo University. He also served as Convener of the Supreme Council of Culture Prize Committee in Arabic Literature in Egypt, editor in the Arabic Language Academy in Cairo and Professor of Arabic Literature in Kuwait (for three years).

Professor Khulaif’s distinguished contributions are embodied in several books, reviews, anthologies and research articles. Some of his best known books are: Al Sa’alik Poets in Pre-Islamic Literature, Zur Rimma: The Poet of Love and Desert, Ideal Love in Arabic Literature, Poetry in Kufa to the End of the Second Century A.D., History of Arabic Poetry in the Abbasid Era and Research Methods in Literature. A poet himself, Khulaif published two collections of his poems. He also published studies on the Holy Quran and Prophet’s sayings and on the marvels of Arabic Literature during Pre-Islamic Era.

In addition to the King Faisal International Prize for Arabic Literature, Professor Khulaif was awarded the Cairo University Prize for Research and the State Prize in Literature from the Egyptian Supreme Council of Culture. He died in 1995.

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