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Sheikh Gad Al-Haq Ali Gad Al-Haq

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Nationality: Egypt

1995-Shaikh-Gad-Al-HaqShaikh Gad Al-Haq Ali Gad Al-Haq was born in the village of Batra in Dakhaliyya province (Egypt) in 1917. He was educated in Tanta and Cairo and received a degree in Sharia and a degree in Islamic Jurisprudence from Al-Azhar in 1944 and 1946, respectively.

He served for more than three decades in the Islamic judiciary in Egypt and became the country’s Mufti in 1978. In 1980, he became Egypt’s Minister of Endowment and later in the same year he was appointed to the prestigious position of Grand Imam (Rector) of Al-Azhar. He was also Chairman of the International Council for Islamic Daawa and Relief and member of the boards of several national and international academic and religious institutions. He authored several important books on fiqh, religious edicts and other related topics.

Shaikh Gad Al-Haq’s rich knowledge of the Islamic doctrine, his commitment to the promulgation of Islamic values and his extensive activities as an Islamic reformer, placed him among the most respected Muslim figures of his time. His services to Islam were particularly highlighted by his constant plea for closer ties and cooperation between Muslim communities and his efforts to improve the spiritual, intellectual and material conditions of Muslim minorities in non-Muslim countries. He was also highly regarded for his role in disseminating Islamic knowledge through his prolific writings and books, and in fostering the establishment of Islamic research centers nationally and internationally.

In addition to the King Faisal International Prize for Service to Islam, he received many other prestigious awards and medals, including the Egyptian Order of the Nile and the Moroccan Order (First Class) of Academic Excellence.

Shaikh Gad Al-Haq died in 1996.

Shikh Gad AL-Haq Ali Gad AL-Haq has been awarded the prize in recognition of his distinguished services to Muslims. This is particularly highlighted by his continuous plea for brotherly ties between Muslim communities throughout the world, and his relentless efforts to improve the spiritual, intellectual and material conditions of Muslim minorities in non- Muslim countries. Sheikh Gad Al-Haq has played a leading role in expanding and disseminating religious knowledge through the establishment of Islamic research institutions, colleges, and Daawa centres both nationally and internationally.

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27 January 2001
The Independent
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