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Professor Said Abd Al-Salam Allouche

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Topic: Comparative Studies between Arabic and Other Literatures


Nationality: Morocco

1999-Said-AlloucheSaid Abd Al-Salam Allouche is a Professor of Comparative Literature at the College of Arts in King Mohammad V University in Rabat. He was born in Maknas (Morocco) in 1946 and received his bachelor degree from Mohammad V University in 1970, and a Doctorate Degree of the Third Cycle and a State Doctorate from the Sorbonne in Paris in 1982.

After completing his higher studies, Allouche joined Mohammad V University where he has been teaching for more than 25 years, during which he rose to the status of professor. He chaired the Department of Arabic at the College of Arts in Rabat from 1986-1988, and was seconded between 1992 and 1998 to teach at Sultan Qabus University in Masqat (Oman). He also served as President of the Moroccan Society of Comparative Literature, and member of the International Society of Comparative Literature, and the Comparative Literature Association.

Professor Allouche is a specialist in theoretical and applied aspects of comparative literature, and his research focuses mainly on studying the mutual influence of Arabic and French literatures. He is a prolific writer and an active participant in the Moroccan cultural life.Apart from his comparative literary studies, as exemplified by his book, Components of Comparative Arabic Literature, Allouche translated several important works from French to Arabic and authored a dictionary of contemporary literary terms.

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