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Mohammad Kotb Shathly

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Topic: Studies Dealing with Islamic Education


Nationality: Egypt

1988-Muhammad-Kotb-ShathlyMohammad Kotb was born in Mosha village in Assiut Governorate in Egypt. After completing his general education, he obtained a degree in English Language at Fuad Al-Awwal University in 1940 and a Diploma from the High Institute for Education and Psychology in Cairo in 1941.

He worked for some time as an English language teacher, then joined the Egyptian National Library (Dar al-Kutub al-Misriyya) and was subsequently appointed translator in the Egyptian Ministry of Education. Thereafter, he was transferred to the Department of Culture in the Ministry of Higher Education as a supervisor of the 1000-book project, which was launched to produce books at affordable prices. In 1972, he moved to Saudi Arabia as a teacher in the Sharia College in Makkah.

Mr. Kotb is a prominent Islamic educator and thinker. He is also a prolific writer and orator. In addition to hundreds of articles and popular lectures, he authored close to 35 books dealing with a wide range of educational, social, psychological, historical, theological and contemporary issues concerning Muslims. His two-volume book, The Methodology of Islamic Education, is an insightful account of present-day concepts of education from an Islamic perspective. His most recent book: “Al-Muslimun wa Al-Awlama” (Muslims and Globalization) deals with negative effects of globalization on Muslim countries as part of the third world.

He died in 2014.

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