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Professor Albert E. Renold

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Topic: Diabetes Mellitus


Nationality: Switzerland/ United States of America

1986 - Professor Albert E. Renold Professor Albert Ernst Renold was born in Switzerland in 1923 and graduated in Medicine in 1948. Prior to his death in 1988, he was Professor of Medicine at Geneva University, Chief, Division of Clinical Biochemistry and Founding Director of the Institute of Clinical Biochemistry. He held several professional and research positions, including visiting professorships and consultancies, as well as about 15 years as a teacher and researcher at Harvard University Medical School in Boston, MA (USA). Numerous outstanding diabetes researchers were trained by Professor Renold both in Boston and Geneva. He was also the Founding Secretary of the European Federation for the Study of Diabetes (EFSD) from 1965-1970 and its President from 1974-1977. He also was the President of the International Diabetes Federation from 1979-1982 and Vice-President of the Swiss Academy for Medical Sciences.

Professor Renold was a leading authority in diabetes mellitus. He played a major role in advancing diabetes research in Europe and throughout the world. He developed animal models to study the physiology and pathophysiology of the pancreas and strived to gain insight into the abnormalities of human diabetes by defining the pathophysiological aspects of the disease peculiar to a given animal. These studies have since been used in diabetes research throughout the world, as for example, in research on oral hypoglycemic agents which presently form the basis for the treatment of type-2 diabetes. The research led by Professor Renold over many years contributed significantly to our present understanding of the mechanisms of insulin activity and its effect on glucose and energy metabolism.

Professor Renold’s seminal studies on diabetes mellitus were published in more than 500 scientific papers in international journals. He also authored a book of Physiology and served on the editorial boards of seven international medical journals. His accomplishments were recognized by more than 10 prizes and medals, including the King Faisal International Prize for Medicine.
In addition, he was elected as the chairman of several major scientific and medical societies and member of about 15 others.

Professor Renold died in 1988. After his death, the EFSD incepted the Albert Renold Fellowship Program “to commemorate his inspirational leadership, and to help promising young investigators acquire new skills in diabetes research.”

Professor Albert E. Renold is recommended as a co-recipient of the King Faisal International Prize in medicine, 1406 H. (1986) not only for his numerous contributions to the understanding of diabetes mellitus, its aetiology and treatment, but also for his role in lending inspiration to the careers of many notable diabetologists and establishing the University of Geneva as a pre-eminent institution for the study of diabetes.

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