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Arabic Language Academy of Jordan

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Topic: Efforts of Individuals and Institutions to Arabicize Science and Technology for Transfer: Research and Educational Purposes


Nationality: Jordan


The establishment of an Arabic Language Academy in Jordan was envisaged as early as the 1960s when the Jordanian Ministry of Education formed the Jordanian Committee for Arabization, Translation and Publication, which embraced the idea of establishing the Academy. After visiting Arabic language academies in Damascus, Cairo and Baghdad and reviewing their activities, regulations, systems and procedures, the Jordanian Council of Ministers in 1973 approved, in principle, the establishment of the Academy. In 1976, a Royal decree was issued ordering the inception of the Jordanian Arabic Language Academy which commenced its activities since that time. Currently, the Academy comprises 30 active members, in different fields of science and literature, in addition to a number of honorary and supporting members.

The primary objectives of the Academy are to sustain the integrity of the Arabic language, ensure that it keeps pace with modern literary, scientific and artistic requirements, fulfills the needs of knowledge community and revive Arabic and Islamic heritage. It is also the Academy’s objective to publish unified glossaries of terms in literature, science and arts in collaboration with educational, scientific, linguistic and cultural institutions in Jordan and abroad.

In order to achieve these objectives, the Jordanian Arabic Language Academy has exerted inexorable efforts in translating sciences and technology, transferring terms and introducing Arabization in higher education as a prelude towards implementing Arabized science and technology in education throughout the Arab World. In addition, the Academy issues the periodical, “Journal of the Jordanican Arabic Language Academy”

The Academy also prepares researches and studies pertinent to the Arabic language and encourages writings, translations and publications on the Arabic language and related issues, in addition to publishing new terminologies, holding conferences and collaborating with universities and other scientific and educational institutions in Jordan and abroad. The Academy also contributed to the initiative of the “Protection of Arabic Language Legislation”.

Arabic Language Academy of Jordan was awarded the prize in recognition of its distinguished efforts in the transfer of science and technology through translation, Arabization of technical terms, and publication of specialized glossaries and its relentless efforts to make Arabic the language of instruction, an objective sought by various scientific institutions throughout the Arab World

The Academy entrusted the task of translation to highly qualified specialists known for their mastery of both English and Arabic, thus ensuring the highest quality for its project.

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