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Dr. Mustafa M. Hilmi Suliman

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Topic: Studies and Editions on Islamic Doctrine


Nationality: Egypt

1985-Mustafa-SulimanMustafa Hilmi Suliman was born in Egypt in 1932. He obtained his bachelor degree in 1960 and Ph.D. degree in 1971 from the Department of Philosophy and Social Studies at Alexandria University. After graduation, he was recruited by the Department of Islamic Philosophy at Dar Al-Ulum College in Cairo University where he was a professor of Islamic Philosophy and Theology for several decades. He was also seconded for some years to teach at the Department of Islamic Studies in the College of Education at King Saud University in Riyadh.

Throughout his career, Professor Suliman has been rigorously examining important aspects of the Islamic doctrine and thought, such as the Islamic system of governance, Sufism, and different perspectives of fundamentalism and so-called radicalism in Islam. His work, which was published in about 15 books and editions, and several articles and seminar papers, is characterized by its depth, clarity and thorough documentation. Some of his best-known books are Fundamentalism between Islamic Faith and Western Thought, Ibn Taimiyya and Sufism, Sufism and Islamic Fundamentalism in Modern Times, the Principles of Fundamentalism in Islamic Thought, The Concept of Ethics between Philosophers and Islamic Scholars, and The Caliphate in Islam. One of his best editions (jointly with F. Abdel Moniem) is: Ghiyath al-Umam fi Iltiyath az-Zulam by Dhia ul-Din Al-Juwayni, a renowned scholar of the Sunni Asharite school theological thought. In the 5th Hejra Century (11th Century G.).

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