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Mr.Jum’ah Al-Majid Abd Allah

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Nationality: United Arab Emirates

1999-Jumah-MajedJum’ah Al-Majid Abd Allah, a businessman, a leading philanthropist and an educator from the United Arab Emirates, was born in 1930 in Shandagha, near Dubai.

One of Mr. Al-Majid’s most important accomplishments is the inception of Jum’ah Al-Majid Center for Culture and Heritage, which emphasizes Islamic culture and its role in history. The center publishes cultural and scientific books, organizes lectures and embraces a library with more than half a million titles and thousands of original ancient manuscripts, microfiche, audiovisual material, periodicals and other documents that reflect the richness of Islamic culture. The Center provides extensive, free resources to scholars of Islamic and Arabic studies and maintains active exchange programs with more than 300 international cultural and learning institutions.

Mr. Al-Majid also founded numerous schools that provide free education for nearly 9,000 Muslim students in the United Arab Emirates, in addition to the College of Islamic and Arabic Studies in Dubai, where more than 4,000 undergraduate and graduate students also receive free education. He is a founding member of the Bait Al-Khair Society, a philanthropic institution that supports poor Muslim families in his country. His other humanitarian endeavors include supporting research, adult education programs and campaigns against illiteracy, as well as building schools, hospitals, and mosques around the world. He is a member of the Supreme Council of the UAE University and the Arabic Thought Foundation, a former member of the Advisory Committee of the Center for Middle Eastern Studies at Harvard University, and the recipient of several national and international awards and medals beside King Faisal International Prize for Service to Islam.

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Winner Cultural & Scientific Achievments Tenth Session 2006 - 2007 Sultan Bin Ali AL Owais Culture Foundation
Juma Almajid Center For Culture and Heriting
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