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Professor Chokri Mabkhout

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Topic: Studies Dealing with Autobiography in Arabic Literature


Nationality: Tunisia

Professor Chokri Mabkhout

Professor Chokri Mabkhout

Professor Chokri Mabkhout

Chokri Mabkhout was born in 1962 in Tunisia. He earned in 1986 the Certificate for the Completion of Studies from the Department of Arabic Language and Literature at the Teachers’ Institute in Soussa. A year later, he obtained the Certificate of Research Aptitude from the Arts College in Manouba. He earned the Certificate of Aggregation in Arabic Language and Literature from the same college in 1988. In 2001, he received his PhD in Arabic Language and Literature from the College of Arts, Manouba University.
Professor Mabkhout has been teaching, language, literature, linguistics, and discourse analysis, at Manouba University since 1988. He assumed the deanship of the Faculty of Arts, and Humanities at Manouba University and then assumed the chancellorship of this university where he is currently a professor.

He founded, supervised, and edited the magazine “Academia”, which was published by Manouba University. He also edited and supervised the quarterly cultural magazine “The New Thought” (Al-Fikr Al-Jadid). He is the Director of the refereed Journal “Annals of the Tunisian University” that is issued by Manouba University. Besides, he is a member of a number of scholarly committees and rights organizations.

Professor Mabkhout has published a number of scholarly works, including “The Biography of the Absent, the Biography of the Coming: Biography in the Book of Al-Ayyâm of Tâhâ Hussayn”, “Aesthetics: The Text and its Readers in Classical Arabic Poetics”, “The construction of Negation”, “Rhetorical Induction”, “The Circle of Linguistic Works”, “The Progeny of the Thief of Fire: The Intellectual Biography”, and “The Leader and his Shadows: Biography in Tunisia”. He then published a collection of stories, “Madame President” and a second novel title “Baganda”.

He received a number of awards, including the Tunisian Ministry of Culture’s award for his book “The Aesthetics of Intimacy”, King Abdullah Bin Abdulaziz International Award for Translation (Honorary Award) for his book “The Encyclopedic Dictionary of Pragmatics”, and the International Prize for Arabic Fiction (IPAF) for his novel “Etalyenni (The Italian)”.

Professor Chokri Mabkhout, was awarded the prize, for reasons that include:

  • His originality in the treatment and analysis of Arab biographical themes.
  • His ability in absorbing the theoretical background and investigating the artistic and intellectual values in biographical themes.
  • The variety of critical approaches he adopted in his studies.
  • The sober and aesthetically outstanding language he adopted in his critical analyses.

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