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Professor Hasan As-Sa’ati Abd Al-Aziz

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Topic: Muslim Achievements in Sociology


Nationality: Egypt

1993-Hasan-Abd-Al-AzizHasan As-Sa’ati was born in Kalyoub, Egypt in 1916 and received his B.A. in English Language from Fuad Al-Awal University in Cairo in 1938, and Ph.D. in Sociology from London University in 1946. After graduation, he served at the High Institute for Social Services in Halwan and Alexandria University before joining Ain Shams University, where he became Professor of Sociology at the College of Arts, and Dean of the College between 1961-1968. After his retirement, he was named Professor Emeritus at Ain Shams.

Professor As-Sa’ati was a pioneer Arab sociologist and educator. His professional studies in sociology were published in numerous scholarly articles in Arabic and Englsh, as well as 16 books including: Social Dynamics in Industry: A Monographic Study of an Egyptian Enterprise; The Middle Classes in Egypt; The New Aristocracy and Bourgeoisie in Egyptian Society: Applications of Socialism; Sociology and Development in Contemporary Egypt and Youth and Violence and Religion: Secularization and De-Secularization.

Professor Al-Sa’ati’s studies combined a deep understanding of theory with a keen awareness of the real workings of society, and an insistent attempt to explore a field long dominated by Western thought. His research on sociology from the Islamic perspective, such as his articles on the role of Islam in the social and economic development of Egypt and the impact of urbanization and modern industrialization in Islamic societies, as well as his other studies of broader aspects of sociology, influenced an entire generation of sociologists in Egypt and the Arab world.

In addition to King Faisal International Prize for Islamic Studies, Professor Al Sa’ati was awarded an Honorary Doctorate Degree from Al-Awzai’ Islamic College in Lebanon and the Egyptian State Prize for Social Sciences. He died in 1997.

Professor AI-Saati has been awarded the prize in recognition of his distinguished efforts during the past 40 years to interpret social science within an Islamic framework. In a field dominated by Western thought, Professor Al-Saati’s far- reaching attempts to absorb theoretical issues have been coupled with a fine awareness of the realistic workings of society. All of this has qualified him to be a pioneer in authenticating sociology from an Islamic perspective. Professor Al-Saati has given sociology an Islamic validity, especially in the area of translating terminology, definitions, and concepts. In addition, his studies in the fields of family and criminology show an impressive ability to combine theory with practical application.

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