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Professor Mohammad Bin Sharifah

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Topic: Studies on Arabic Literature in Andalusia


Nationality: Morocco

1988-Muhammad-bin-SharifahMohammad bin Sharifah was born in al-Walidiyya village in Morocco in 1930. After completing his general education in Ibn Yusuf College, he obtained a BA from Mohammed V University in Morocco, and master’s and Ph.D. degrees in Literature from Cairo University. He taught Andalusian Literature at Mohammed V University in Morocco and became Dean of the College of Arts and President of Mohammed I University in Annaba.

Professor Bin Sharifah is a leading authority in Andalusian literature, particularly during the era of the Islamic State in Granada. His prolific writings on the role of Arab and Muslim literary figures in Andalusia are exemplified by his books: The Life and Works of Abul Matraf Ahmed Ibn Omaira al-Makhzoumi; Popular Sayings in Andalusia; Al-Basti, Last of Andalusian Poets; Abu Marwan al-Baji and His Journey to the East; Adib Al-Andalus: Abu Bahr Al-Tujibi and many other books. He also verified several texts including the 8-volume book Al-thail wa Takmilah Kitabai Al Mausul wul Sela by Ibn Abdul Malik al-Marrakishi (jointly with Ihsan Abbas); Ibn Rushd Al-Hafid: Sira Wathaiqiyah by Averroes; al-Zaman wul Makan by Ibn Al-Zubair and Rawdat al-Adib by Ibn Lial al-Shraishi. Bin Sharifah also published numerous articles and research papers and participated in many conferences in his field of specialization.

In addition to the King Faisal International Prize for Arabic Literature, Bin Sharifah was awarded several prizes and decorations from his country, including the Grand Prize (for his book: Abu Tamman and Abu Al-Taib in Moroccan Literature), the Merit Award, Knight Order and Officer Order of the Moroccan Kingdom. He was also awarded the Kuwait Prize for Scientific Advancement. He is a member or corresponding member of the Royal Moroccan Academy, the Royal History Academy in Madrid, the Arabic Language Academy in Cairo, the Royal Academy for Islamic Civilization, the Aal-Al Bait Foundation for Islamic Thought in Jordan and the Arabic Language Academy in Damascus. A biography of Bin Sharifah’s life and works was recently published.

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