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Professor Mohammad R. Salim

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Topic: Studies and Editions on Islamic Doctrine


Nationality: Saudi Arabia

1985-Muhammad-R-SalimProfessor Mohammad Rashad Salim, a graduate of Cambridge University, was an accomplished Muslim writer and thinker. He authored or edited a number of keynote books on Islamic doctrine, including his illustrious, 11-volume edition of Ibn Taimiyya’s(1) Dara’ Ta’ârudil-’Aql ma’an-Naql (Avoiding Clashes of Thought and Tradition), which remains one of the most influential texts on the Islamic doctrine. Most of his other editions were also focused on the thought and works of Ibn Taimiyya e.g., his editions of: The Path of the Prophet’s Sunna(2) (8 volumes), Al-Safadiyya (2 volumes) and Righteousness (2 volumes).

Professor Salim was born in 1927 in Cairo (Egypt), where he completed his general education and took a bachelor degree in philosophy from Fuad Al-Awal University. He pursued higher education in the U.K. and obtained his Ph.D. in the Islamic Doctrine at Cambridge University. He taught for many years At Ain Shams University in Cairo, then traveled to Saudi Arabia where he taught at King Saud University, then at Imam Mohammad bin Saud Islamic University in Riyadh and was granted Saudi citizenship.

In addition to King Faisal International Prize for Islamic Studies, Professor Salim was a recipient of the Egyptian State Prize for Islamic Philosophy and the Order of Sciences, Literature and Arts. He died in Cairo in 1987, while working on a new book.

  1. An influential Muslim theologian (1268-1328) highly respected for his scholarship by Sunni Muslims.
  2. The teachings of Prophet Muhammad and his sayings and deeds.

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